Tuesday, 26 February 2013

On the class hatred in relation to "Irréversible"...

An interview with Gaspar Noé adapted from here.

  • Why did the rape scene have to last nine minutes?

That is simply as long as it might last in real life. Sometimes you hear stories of someone being raped for half an hour. It seemed the normal timing for the situation. I could have decided not to show the whole thing and panned the camera in and skipped parts.

  • Did you speak to many rape victims in advance of shooting?

Many of the girls I dated had been raped, but people don’t like talking about it. When I ask a woman if she has been raped, she’ll often say “yes”, even, in some cases, “twice”. When you ask questions, you feel like it’s not your business. I guess you just guess what it would be like. Anti-rape associations have expressed appreciation for the movie.

  • Are you talking about date rapes? Or rapes by strangers, ambushes?

I know a lot of people who had been raped violently in the streets. It can be a 50-year-old woman who told you it happened 25 years ago. A member of the crew had been raped, too. I can’t say who she is.

It happens often in real life. It’s rarely portrayed in movies because it’s a much closer [more intimate] crime in everyday life than murder.

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