Thursday, 28 February 2013

Art, Interpretation, Pipes that are not pipes

I know that Banksy isn't from our period but, since we talked about him in class, I decided to look him up.
As it turns out, we can make a connection between this contemporary street artist/political activist and the 1920s, particularly between him and René Magritte. Banksy made his own interpretation of Magritte's surrealist painting "The Treachery of Images". And, like a good surrealist piece of art, it poses the question: what is really real (redundancy intended)?
It also poses the question which the linguists in the class (you know who you are) may appreciate (I know I do): what do words really mean and why do we give something one particular name instead of another one?
Think about these things for a moment as you take in Banksy’s art.
Don't forget to be awesome,
Sara Santos.

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