Wednesday, 20 March 2013 you think THEY can do a Dracula Musical?

I now this has nothing to do with our period...but since we talked about Draculia (or Dracula) musicals...Here is the link for the grand finale (Japanese version). Unfortunately I wasn´t able to upload the vídeo ...
Wao Yoka as Dracula (yes...a woman!) and Hanafusa Mari as Mina

The German version - Draculia versus Van Helsing - Zu Ende (2007)
Sang de Vie Productions - featuring a professional cast of West End musical theatre performers with Michael McCarthy as Dracula. The musical is by Gareth Evans and Christopher J.Orton, with orchestrations by the noted British composer and producer, Ian Lynn (Dracula Musical Project continues)
Dracula´s solo-I am Condemned

A more cheerful song sung by the ensemble

And finally ( favourite...) She Devil , Nosferatu
 featuring Lucy, Van Helsing, Quincy, Jack and Jonathan
I hope you like it!
If not...well...hmmm...should I .... hmmm...shall I say.. what?...Sorry?
Ana Correia

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